Order Process

When it comes working with customers, we believe in simplicity and effectiveness. Our tested step-by-step order process provides the foundation for a smooth customer experience√ā

starting from initial discussions and ordering, to design and manufacturing, to fulfilment and after sales. See how we structure our interactions with customers to design and deliver great products with amazing customer experience.

Corrugated Range
Need Generation
Customer inquires and begins the initial phase of contact
Corrugated Range
Initial Consideration
Customer requests samples, and prices for their desired packaging
Corrugated Range
Movement Of Ordering
Customer makes an order placement and production planning begins
Corrugated Range
Order Processing
The order has now been placed, quantity and design has been finalised
Corrugated Range
Our customers receive sales invoices and payment is taken for the order
Corrugated Range
Delivery Instruction
The packaging has been made, our distribution lorries dispatch the order
Corrugated Range
Each customer is followed up on to ensure they are delighted with their order