Anunine Holdings

Nurtured by a visionary spirit and steered by commitment and competence, Anunine Holdings is a vastly diversified organization with an evolving presence in a number of dynamic business sectors. The group presently has over nine associate companies under its fold and the presence of the group is in fact global. The group has employed over thousands of people making it one of the major employers in the country.

The associate companies of the group have greatly diversified business undertakings from corrugated and flexible packaging, garment accessory manufacturing, energy and power generation, manufacturing industrial solid tires, waste management and recycling, plantation and farming to the trading of heavy vehicles and industrial machinery. Beyond business, Anunine Holdings has invested extensively in projects of social significance and we are very proud of our achievements in all these domains. We will continue to grow and be a responsible global citizen serving the community, supporting national interests, being environment-friendly and health and safety oriented.