Being the industry leader for the nation’s packaging sector - we have not only grown in market capitalization but also in our organizational strengths. Over the last two and a half decades, we have continuously focused our resources and

efforts towards developing these five pillars of our organization - Design, Manufacturing, Distribution, Customer Care, and Quality.The successful development of these five pillars has played a critical role in supporting the rapid growth of KSPA Packaging. As part of our long-term strategy, we continue to focus our efforts in developing and dominating in these areas with passion.

Corrugated Range


We have invested resources in the creation of structural and graphic design capabilities. These are uniquely positioned to offer sophisticated development functions to our customers especially for those who do not have their own internal development departments for packaging.

Corrugated Range


At KSPA Packaging we have state of the art machinery. Our advanced process for manufacturing both corrugated packaging and polythene packaging is why we are the leading packaging company in Sri Lanka.

Corrugated Range


Quality is considered as the prime objective of our organization. We conduct stringent quality tests in accordance with existing international standards at our in-house testing labs.

Corrugated Range


Our continuously expanding distribution arm consists of over forty delivery trucks that are fully integrated with advanced logistics operations to enable countrywide reach.

Corrugated Range

Customer Care

At KSPA Packaging our main focus is to build a strong relationship with our customers, with our outstanding service as the foundation of this. Our customer service team can facilitate any customer and are exceptionally qualified.