Customer Services

At KSPA Packaging our main focus is to build a strong relationship with our customers, with our outstanding service as the foundation of this.

Our customer service team can facilitate any customer and are exceptionally qualified. Able to provide multi-lingual help and swiftly problem-solve, they are the cornerstone of our business for ensuring you get a truly optimal service.


We make sure that you can are able to stay in touch with us, through whatever channel is most convenient for you. This may be through the phone, email, text, or any other social media platform you may communicate on. Since delivery of goods may come at any hour, we make sure there is always someone you can contact regarding your order.


Our organisation-wide customer centric culture is the foundation for our amazing customer experience. With over two decades of experience leading the packaging industry, we know exactly how to deal with any challenge that may arise in providing you the right packaging solutions. Although we have grown in size, we are proud to not have lost the level of flexibility and adaptability to meet customer’s needs that most large packaging providers lose as they grow.


We are always working on improving our customer experience as part of our commitment to a customer centric culture. The use of new technologies, having a deeper understanding of customer challenges, and a proactive attitude, are the foundational principles that drive the evolution of our customer experience.

our customer services