Corporate Social Responsibility

Our Approach

We conduct all our business activities in a way that increases the overall level of our CSR activities based on our belief that CSR is at the heart of management itself. We have developed specific policies to identify and achieve our CSR vision and goals. We understand social needs through an effective channel of communication that we have with the local communities where we operate.

Moreover, we contribute to sustainable development through such activities that deal with social challenges and public interests.We strive to do our best to the society that we live in, going beyond the norms of social responsibility. We consider it as our responsibility to be engaged in various socioeconomic initiatives to uplift the living standard of the society in the best possible manner. We are an equal opportunity employer and we offer many welfare programs to support, advance and protect our employees as they are our biggest assets.

Our CSR Projects

Tsunami Recovery

Construction of 20 houses for displaced people from Tsunami Disaster.

Housing Donation

Monitory donations for those affected by Tsunami to resettle them.

cancer 2
Cancer Hospital

Donation to Children’s Cancer Hospital.

Children's Park

Panadura, Walana roundabout is landscaped and maintained by us. We also refurbished the Children’s Park in Panadura and regularly keep it maintained.